MindSetUK provide performance coaching for life, Sports and Business.

I am a performance coach with a passionate belief in personal development.  As founder of MindSet UK, I have established a team of experts to provide complete healthy living and holistic lifestyle services for day-to-day wellbeing and business success.

We help individuals and teams to focus mind and body to achieve success.  This fusion of mind and body produces tangible results which have a lasting impact.

What does "performance coaching" involve?
I am interested in the relationship between life and achievement.  My aim is to help you discover your own strengths to deal with new opportunities and challenges in all aspects of your life.

My approach is based on MIND BODY ENVIRONMENT.  This triangle underpins everything we do.  If you have a fit mind in a healthy body you are best able to make the best of your environment.

To improve physical and mental fitness, and create harmony and balance, Mindset UK provides tailored programmes that may include all or any of the following -

business coaching and personal coaching
personal training and nutritional analysis
sports performance coaching
style coaching
stress management
elite athlete lifestyle mentoring
psychometric assessments.

Taking the time to reflect over how success can be achieved is vital in life and business.  Working in partnership with a coach can make a huge difference.  Coaching is increasingly a vital part of life and business planning.  

I would be delighted to talk to you about your goals in both life and business.  Please call 07973 340785 for an initial consultation.

Best wishes and success to you