Being at the pinnacle of a sport certainly brings its benefits but it can also be a lonely place.  Your talents and hard work have brought rewards and plaudits and you provide inspiration for aspiring sports people.

Even the most self-motivated professionals, go through difficult periods when maintaining training programmes and top performances can be especially tough.  

You only have to look at “heroes” like Tiger Woods, Maradona, Paul Gascoigne,… to realise that the pressures are huge and that even ‘superstars’ are human. It is only too common in professional sport that players can face grave situations such as depression, stress, under performance and anxiety which can lead to self-destructive behaviours such as gambling, alcohol and drug abuse.

Every athlete whatever their sport will need to balance their sport with other areas in their life such as education. They also have to manage key transition points as they progress their sporting career and post participation career. If the transitions are not managed effectively and are just allowed to happen they will impact on performance.

Life-style is 50% of performance.

We at MindSet UK are only too aware of the sports performance environment. Our primary focus is the all-round development of our sporting clients.

Our Personalised programmes provide time and space to address specific needs in a confidential and safe environment.  We take an holistic approach ensuring that every client is provided with essential support services and encouragement; not only within their sport but in all facets of life.

“A lifespan approach is key to preparing and supporting athletes towards balanced development. We must enable athletes to develop fully, not only at an athletic level, but also at a psychological, social, academic and professional level.”


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