Style CoachingTM incorporates the best of coaching and image consultancy.  It helps clients grow in confidence and self belief as well as making positive changes to their outer appearance.

People feel inspired and fulfilled by taking time to focus on themselves.  Goals and action plans are devised and the necessary support and encouragement is given to empower people.  Through making changes to both the body and the mind, and overcoming old habits and limitations; people and their loved ones are astounded by the transformations.  

A person feels and looks simply GREAT!

Remember it is our clothes, our body language and grooming that people judge us on instantly and which are our outer image.

At MindSet UK we have a menu of services that we tailor make for each client.  These include:

Style and dress sense
Colour analysis
Wardrobe decluttering
Personal shopping

Other services include:

Workshops for corporate groups
Party evenings for the girls
Special events and wedding styling
Retail training

Any one can choose to change, create new choices and look and feel FABULOUS!