All of us go through big life transitions, for example -

ending college and starting work

making a big jump in the career ladder

going through a divorce

starting a family

putting energies into a new sport

finding new opportunities when a professional sports career ends

starting self-employment

starting retirement

and many more.  

At each transition, some activities and opportunities end and many new ones begin.  There may be elation at new avenues which are opening up, and sometimes regret for the old life which has been left behind.  MindSet UK can work with you to discover your strengths and dispel negativity.

The transition for students between college and the world of work is a key interest. We help equip pupils with the confidence and motivation to accomplish their true potential. We help young people develop key practical skills for the workplace so that their vision can become a reality.

We have also been working for over 10 years with Positively Mad - a great resource.